Why rent a private villa on Phuket?

Phuket Holiday Villas
Phuket's villas offer an extra degree of exclusivity to guests, in addition to a range of luxurious facilities
A growing number of travellers are opting to stay in one of Phuket's private holiday villas as opposed to one of the island's five star resorts. As well as making use of the extra privacy that comes with staying in a holiday villa, guests can enjoy the same level of service as a hotel and access to a wide range of personalised facilities for the duration of their stay. Another bonus for guests staying in a Phuket holiday villa is that they are not restricted by the opening times of the hotel pool or restaurant. Instead of getting up early to claim a sun lounger by the pool or joining the queues at the crowded hotel breakfast buffet, guests can enjoy breakfast on the privacy of their villa's sun terrace and dip in and out of the pool all day long, blissfully undisturbed.
Types of Phuket Villa on offer
Phuket's villas come in a variety of sizes, which means there is something for everyone
Phuket has established a strong reputation as a destination for weddings and romantic getaways largely due to its idyllic natural scenery and high level of services. Couples who want to make the most of the romantic surroundings with their loved one can rent an ocean view villa or a villa with direct beach access. Some of the island's larger properties also offer reduced occupancy packages for couples who can share the facilities with another couple. Phuket also boasts a wide portfolio of villas that are more suited to families. Facilities popular with families include large swimming pools with designated kiddie areas, spacious gardens for children to run around in, as well as games rooms for indoor entertainment. Phuket's larger villas are also gaining popularity with couples hosting destination weddings, as they offer communal space indoors and outdoors and can be customised to suit each couple's tastes and preferences.
Phuket Villa Facilities
The facilities available at Phuket's private villas match those on offer at top-end resorts
Just as they vary in size, Phuket's assortment of private villas also vary in terms of the facilities on offer to guests. Standard inclusions are spacious, furnished interiors, a private swimming pool and outdoor dining and relaxation areas, but some of the island's larger villas also feature indulgent additional amanitas. These include private gyms, saunas and jacuzzis, even private tennis courts. Most villas also come fitted out with high quality audio visual equipment so guests can watch movies or listen to their favourite iPod tunes streamed around the property.
Personalised Services at Phuket Villas
The villa's staff make sure guests get the most out of their stay on Phuket
All the best villas on Phuket are looked after by maintenance teams responsible for making sure the property's interior and grounds remain in top class condition for the duration of each guest's stay. Villa managers are responsible for helping guests with every aspect of their holiday, whether it's organising transportation, day trips and holiday activities, or assisting guests to choose the best restaurants in the local area and book their table and transportation in advance. The most luxurious villas also come with the services of a private chef to make full use of the villa's well equipped kitchen. In addition, personal massage professionals can be hired to offer indulgent spa treatments right into the comfort of the villa itself.
by Wayne Hue