Samui Beach Villas

Koh Samui is famous the world over for its exotic landscape, flora and fauna, as well as the incredible marine environment and warm year-round weather. Not surprisingly, tourists from every corner of the globe flock to this modest Thai island year after year, and to match the huge and diverse demand, some truly incredible accommodation options have come onto the scene in the past few years.

The latest trend in holiday accommodation on Samui is the proliferation of beachfront villas. In fact the island is now second only to Bali in Southeast Asia when it comes to luxury private retail accommodation and this has given Samui a worldwide reputation for providing the best in boutique hospitality.

Private villas on Koh Samui allow guests to relax and indulge themselves in absolute privacy, enjoying their own personal views of the white sand and blue waters that brought them to the island in the first place. Like everywhere else in the world that has seen an explosion in the popularity of villas, one of the main draws for guests is the personalised exclusivity they offer.

When staying in a private Samui beach villas, guests truly enjoy their own space, and don't have to compete or be bothered by other tourists as may happen in a hotel or resort. Koh Samui, which is naturally very beautiful, can be quite crowded during peak seasons, which means that for many visitors, the option of privacy is very welcome indeed.

While staying at a private villa, in addition to lazing by the pool or enjoying meals on the poolside terrace, there is plenty for guests to do and see, regardless of their interests. For those who love outdoor activity and are looking for a little adventure, Koh Samui has many mountains and trekking trails that allow visitors to see up close some of the island's natural charms, far away from the hustle and bustle of downtown areas. The sea also beckons, and the islands that surround Samui offer some of the very best snorkeling and SCUBA diving anywhere in the world. The fish are bright and colourful and the water is usually warm, making for an enviable marine experience.

Visitors seeking something a little less focused on nature will enjoy Koh Samui's many restaurants and shops, or perhaps opt for indulgent treatments at one of the many spas and wellness centres on the island. The latter offer extensive menus of traditional and modern massages and body treatments, often at prices that represent a fraction of the cost one might pay in the West.

Whatever reason one has for visiting Koh Samui, be it a company retreat, a family reunion or just a personal island vacation, staying in a private villa is a surefire way to make the experience even more memorable. Samui beach villas offer privacy that no hotel could match, but still feature all the amenities and services one would expect from a five-star property. With so much to do and see on the island as well, a Samui beach villa is the perfect place to stay while visiting this famed tropical paradise.