Phuket Villa

The island of Phuket is Thailand's largest, and probably the kingdom's most popular destination after Bangkok. Phuket's beaches are famous throughout the world, and for good reason. They are almost unbelievably beautiful, and offer visitors the chance to enjoy a true tropical paradise. The island's popularity has also made it home to an eclectic and vibrant property market, which includes significant tubers of private Phuket villas, many available for rent with designs and amenities to rival the best holiday homes anywhere in the world.

Phuket's property market has evolved at pace over a the last 20 years. In the early days of development properties were often built in ways that today would not pass international standards; property booms on the island drew small firms that often cut corners to cash in on the investment rush. Over time, however, the industry has consolidated, and the greater sums in play for Phuket property have in turn attracted major international names in construction and development. Today, new villas on Phuket meet and even exceed the toughest international standards, and an increasing number of owners are also opting to go green, utilizing cutting edge design techniques to save water and power.

Construction and greenery aside, the interiors and amenities on offer to guests at villas on Phuket are similarly striking. The options for rental guests are vast, with a wide variety of styles and sizes, including everything from smaller homes in villages close to the beach to impressive seafront villas and massive hillside mansions bathed in dramatic ocean views.

Although many holidaymakers like to spend their time in a traditional Thai-style villa, there are also a large number of modern, stylish options available as well. The competition among developers has seen amenities constantly improving, and today features such as private pools and Jacuzzis are standard in nearly every Phuket villa. Commanding views of the sea from private terraces, as well as state of the art entertainment systems are also common assets and some villas in more isolated locations might even have a private beach, truly offering guests privacy and seclusion on a whole new level.

For those who want to avoid the daily battle for a sun-lounger at a large hotel, relaxing by the side of your villa's own private infinity pool has never been easier. Residents can also enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner in their own private outdoor dining area without having to contend with the background noise of enthusiastic children dive-bombing into the pool.

Getting to Phuket is incredibly easy, as the island has one of the region's most active international airports and expansion plans are already in progress. Flights are available to every major city in the region and at attractive fares, especially for an island airport. Once on Phuket, getting around is also easy with a great number of taxis and tuk-tuks in constant operation and rental cars or motorcycles easily arranged, often by the same group one books their villa through. Those worried about safety need not be, as all the island's infrastructure is completely modern and safe, although normal care is advised on the roads.

Phuket is in many ways a true contemporary paradise on earth, and its villas are some of the world's best. While the gorgeous beaches and awesome sunsets may be the island's claim to fame, the accommodation and services on Phuket are what truly make the island so appealing. Staying in a private villa is therefore an integral part of a perfect trip to this Andaman Jewel.