Party time at private villa

Submitted by CLX-view on April 2, 2018

With an array of stylish indoor and outdoor spaces, a private rental villa in Phuket or Koh Samui is the ideal place to host a memorable party. Set within stunning surroundings and home to a wealth of top-notch facilities, there are many reasons why a luxury private villa in Thailand is the perfect place to host a party.

Baan Leelawadee’s pool terrace provides an elegant space for a party

Set within stunning surroundings and home to a wealth of top-notch facilities, there are many reasons why a luxury private villa in Thailand is the perfect place to host a party. To begin with, many of Koh Samui and Phuket’s finest rental villa’s come with a dedicated team of staff, who are able to look after guests’ needs, from welcome drinks to arranging transportation at the end of the evening. In addition, there’s an array of stylish spaces to accommodate guests, both in and outdoors. Each of these can be adapted depending on the time of day, or even the theme of the party. To top it all off, ocean vistas add a sublime tropical backdrop for any type of event.

We’ve rounded up five separate zones in your private vacation villa that can be used if you’re hosting a party, and show you how they can be adapted to accommodate your guests.

Prime Position

The stunning pool terrace at Koh Samui’s Baan Chang provides a stylish setting for a party

If you plan on hosting a party at one of Thailand’s opulent private vacation villas, the most obvious place to congregate – no matter what time of day it is – would be the sun terrace next to the pool. During daylight hours, this space is soaked with glorious golden sunshine, and ideal if you’re hosting a pool party. At sunset, the pool-adjacent terrace takes on a whole new light, as sunset vistas light up the sky and the ocean turns a brilliant shade of gold. Once night has fallen, a well-lit deck area still provides a fabulous place for guests to congregate and chat, and could even be transformed into a modest dance floor, if you stream a few tunes through the top-or-the-range indoor and outdoor sound system.

Featuring breath-taking views of the ocean, the poolside terrace at Koh Samui’s Baan Chang provides a memorable setting for a party. Sliding glazed doors that lead inside help form a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, and the close proximity of the ocean means that the gentle sound of breaking waves provides a permanent soundtrack to help guests relax into the party mood.

Exotic Surroundings

With fantastic views across the ocean, the gardens at Ananda at Jivana Villas provide the perfect spot for a memorable party

For parties with larger numbers of guests, the lush landscaped gardens of a Thai private rental villa provide extra space for people to spill out from the pool terrace and lounging area. Not only does the addition space come in handy if you’re catering for larger numbers of guests, but hosting your party within tropical surroundings can enhance the vibe, too. Guests can mingle on the lawn, beneath fragrant frangipani trees and close to striking flower beds and water features, standing up to chat or even reclining on plush garden furniture. If there are lots of guests to accommodate, you could even ask your villa’s staff to provide pillows and cushions for more people to sit out on the lawn.

Situated on the coast of Phang Nga province, just a short drive from Phuket, Ananda at Jivana Villas provides an idyllic party venue. The property is home to sprawling emerald lawns that lead towards the ocean, offering a stunning space for guests to relax with a glass of champagne. A stunning ocean backdrop makes the setting all the more memorable.

Private bar

The breakfast bar in the kitchen at Baan Chang could easily double up as a makeshift bar

If you’re hosting a large number of guests, then it pays to set up a makeshift bar area somewhere in your villa that is separate from the dining area. This could serve as a hub for service staff to take out drinks and offer them to guests, or even as a place where guests can go to order their own beverages. Many luxury Thai villas feature their own swim-up bars, which are accessible from the pool terrace as well. However, if your villa doesn’t boast this particular facility, it’s easy for your villa’s staff to set up a temporary bar within the kitchen or even the dining area.

The stylish kitchen space at Koh Samui’s Baan Chang is well set up for guests that want to establish a dedicated bar area. The island at the centre of the spacious room provides a perfect focal point around which guests can congregate, while villa staff can use the worktops behind to prepare drinks.

Drinks with a view

Decorated in a chic, contemporary style, one of the lounging areas at The Bay Villa 15 features breath-taking views of the ocean – ideal for pre-dinner drinks

A luxury villa in Thailand is well equipped for guests to host a variety of private events, from large pool parties to smaller gatherings with formal, sit-down meals. If you’re hosting a sit-down meal, you might be keen to show off some of your villa’s fantastic facilities before lunch or dinner. The air-conditioned interiors of the property’s plush lounge area can also offer the perfect spot for pre-dinner drinks and nibbles. In many villas, clever design and the addition of floor-to-ceiling glazing means that ocean views form a constant backdrop, whether you’re inside or out.

The sumptuous indoor living areas at Villa Sapna on Phuket provide an elegant zone for pre-dinner socialising. Crisp white walls form a blank canvas for striking pieces of original artwork, while plush furnishings covered in luxurious upholstery add extra panache. As if the indoor lounging area wasn’t bright enough, the emerald lawns and azure ocean outside offer a further splash of colour.

Kid’s secret den

The snug television room at Natai Beach’s Ananda Villa offers a peaceful spot for little ones to watch a good movie while adults are socialising outside

If your guests bring young children to the party, you can be confident that there will always be something for them to do at a private holiday beach villa. If you’re hosting a barbecue during the day, for example, make sure younger guests have their swimming gear with them so they can make the most of the pool outside. Some villas even come with tennis courts and outdoor slides, for active kids that want to play while mum and dad tuck into a three-course lunch. Many of Thailand’s best villas offer a choice of lounging areas inside. These are ideal for little ones to have some down time after an action packed few hours in the pool.

The dedicated entertainment suite at Ananda Villa provides the ideal hideaway for children that want to kick back with a good movie. Spacious sofas, an enormous television and a vast library of DVDs will keep younger guests entertained for hours while grown ups enjoy post-dinner drinks on the pool terrace.