2,000 hoteliers manage multiple web activities with ease News Feed

2,000 hoteliers manage multiple web activities with ease

Our Internet appetite is in overdrive; we need every feed, every favorite site and easy access at the click of a mouse.Quick and easy has definitely become the only viable option in our fast paced environment. In response, VIZERGY, formerly SECURE-RES, a Jacksonville, FL based hotel Internet marketing company, introduced My Web World in early January 2008.My Web World, an integrated Web presence management platform and free service to all VIZERGY clients, quickly became THE viable answer.After recently reaching a milestone, serving more than 2,000 multitasking clients, it continues to see a steady increase in users and visits.

My Web World manages clients' Web activities including Internet Reservation System and third-party sales channels, Web site reporting, e-mail hosting and event calendars.The "My Active Services" portion of My Web World allows clients to track and review online marketing campaigns and determine how successful their efforts are.The platform also has a reputation monitoring component that provides real time RSS feedback from popular social media and travel review sites, letting clients know exactly what is being said about their property.

This user-friendly, one stop location for all VIZERGY clients' marketing services is also easily customizable. Industry news feeds, favorite links and user access can be modified as desired.Additionally, Web site changes can be requested and sent to queue via the platform.

"It's about convenience and functionality.At VIZERGY, we pride ourselves on listening to the needs of the client and delivering.Increasing RevPAR and maximizing visibility is a priority," says Joel Carver, senior VP of sales and marketing.

VIZERGY is an Internet marketing company that empowers hotels and resorts to drive revenue through the Internet.Founded as SECURE-RES in 1998, VIZERGY offers internet advertising, search engine optimization, web development, target marketing and e-commerce strategy development to help hotels and resorts aggressively compete online