Thailand Prioritizes Safety News Feed

Everyone wants to have fun on vacation, but personal safety should always remain a priority. To help visitors, this year theauthorities in Thailand have launched a number of new schemes to make sure that safety and security are maintained.

Thailand's tourism departments are stepping up their game in the tech world in order to improve visitors' overall experience in the country. Tourist Police in the Land of Smiles recently launched a new safety app known as Tourist Buddy', which allows users to access safety tips and travel information via their smartphones.

Visitors are also able to use the app if they need to get in touch with the emergency call centre or police call centres around the country. The hotline number, which is 1155, is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Authorities will even be able to tell where the call is coming from, and help those in need faster by knowing their specific location.

The new app is just part of a wider scheme to improve the services offered to visitors by Thailand's dedicated Tourist Police. According to Police Major General Roy Inkapairoh, who created the app, tourist numbers in the Kingdom are only set to rise, and the launch of the app is one way that the police will be able to make their services more effective for visitors. In addition to providing safety tips, the app will also be a source of information on tourism, festivals and cultural events across Thailand.

This year, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) also launched their own travel insurance scheme in a bid to ensure that visitors to the Kingdom feel safe. The scheme, known as the Thailand Travel Shield' was set up by the TAT in collaboration with several of Thailand's leading insurance companies, including Muang Thai Insurance, Chao Phaya Insurance, Siam City Insurance and Krungthai Panich Insurance.

The policy, which was made available from the end of July, allows visitors to purchase insurance coverage for a wide variety of incidents, from trip cancellations to loss or damage of baggage and it will be publicized through the international offices of the TAT.

"We are happy to report that such a scheme has now been set in place," said Thawatchai Arunyik, governor of the TAT.
"This is to ensure that travellers enjoy their visit with great peace of mind, knowing that should anything go wrong, they'll be covered," he concluded.