New Thai Tourism Campaign is all Smiles News Feed

New Thai Tourism Campaign is all Smiles

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) recently launched yet another sparkling marketing campaign to attract visitors to the Kingdom. The latest in the authority’s series of ads is known as “Discover Amazing Stories” and includes a television clip that focuses on the famous Thai smile to entice visitors to the country.

The two-minute film, created by Leo Burnett Thailand, begins with the phrase, “We are Thai, we we were born with a smile”. Of course, the country has long been dubbed “The Land of Smile” thanks to the warm and welcoming smiles of locals and the excellent hospitality shown to visitors, particularly those travelling from overseas.

The film continues, “Happiness is everywhere, happiness we can share”. The entire marketing campaign, which is entitled “Discover your amazing stories” was launched by the TAT earlier this year. The scheme focuses on the various experiences open to visitors that visit the Kingdom, from discovering exquisitely-woven Thai fabrics to watching an exciting Muay Thai boxing match.

In addition to the opening video, there are also other short films that showcase different aspects of the Thai experience. One of these focusses on authentic Thai fabrics, while another focusses on a Thai boxer – who is also smiling.

The Muay Thai video

puts you in the place of a boxer in the ring, taking part in an exhilarating battle of kicks and punches. Following this, the scene transitions to a wonderful spa-like location, obviously referencing Thailand’s fabulous health and wellness sector.

In contrast to the action shots in the Muay Thai fim,

The fabric film

delves into all of the wonderful ways that authentic fabric designs and wonderful woven articles permeate different facets of Thai culture. These include theatrical performances, royal events and even modern fashion shows. Of course, Thailand is well known for its stunning traditional dress, but the country is also growing its reputation as a regional high fashion hub, and is home to plenty of world-class designer labels.

The main “Thai Smiles” film

showcases a wide range of opportunities available to visitors that travel to the Kingdom. Vivid close-up shots of traditional Thai cooking are complemented by sweeping pans of stunning Thai landscapes, from beaches to hidden blue-green lagoons. Fantastic colours are one of the major motifs that lend the film an unforgettable visual appeal, with shots focussing in on the incredible array of flora and fauna that grows in the Kingdom.