Koh Samui Luxury Villas


The property market on Koh Samui has long been attracting investors from around the world, and the range of homes on offer covers everything from apartments to exclusive luxury villas, many of which are also offered to visitors as either short- and long-term rentals.



As Koh Samui developed into an international holiday destination, beachfront land and property became increasingly difficult and expensive to buy, especially close to the island’s more popular tourist areas on the east coast. Savvy investors therefore targeted the less developed beaches on the west and north coast and these areas are now peppered with stunning private luxury properties, either located right by the beach or nestled in the hills with spectacular views of the turquoise ocean and palm-clad neighbouring islands.



With upscale properties constantly being built around Samui, the island has attracted the attention and skills of word class architects, interior and landscape designers, many of whom have worked on the most impressive holiday homes in Asia. A distinctive, contemporary Asian flair has brought the best in tropical style to Koh Samui’s villas, many of which are designed with open-plan interiors and seamless transitions between the luxury indoor and outdoor experience. 



Despite offering some of the region’s most exclusive and luxurious private accommodation options; Koh Samui has maintained a reputation as a more affordable investment option than its more developed sister island of Phuket. This has ensured steady growth in the island’s property market, which has developed hand-in-hand with the island’s tourist sector making it one of Thailand’s most important destinations.


With such a unique and varied collection of private island properties available for guests to rent on Koh Samui, a whole new level of tourist accommodation has developed that now attracts independently minded, wealthy visitors from around the region and around the world. Top class private facilities and personalized services are offered in a range of breathtaking locations, and with rates that match or beat those of a luxury hotel, private rental villas have become the favoured accommodation choice for savvy, sophisticated travellers.