Koh Samui Luxury Properties

Samui property market is extensive and the demand for luxury residential properties is on the increase. Many people are opting to buy a second home in Asia rather than Europe as the cost of living is so much cheaper than the West.

The islands well established services and amenities mean that there has been a steady growth of expatriates either seeking permanent residence on the island or choosing to spend a large proportion of the year here.

Propertiesdevelopers have concentrated on the luxury high end market - where traditional Thai architecture has been mixed with the modern day luxuries of the West to provide exclusive luxury properties at some of the islands most desired locations.

Every investor wants to ensure their investment is safe and many of the island agents like SamuiVilla & Homes are able to provide its homeowners with an organized rental management service which means these luxury properties are utilized year round and the homeowner has peace of mind that they are getting return on their investments.