Charter On Sustainable And Responsibel Tourism And Travel

C. Co2 OFFSET PROGRAM - For a Greener and Cleaner Samui

1. The principle

The idea behind the Co2 offset program is to establish a fund which will be used to support and finance carbon reducing projects and campaigns on the island today and in the future.

As some of our business suppliers and colleagues have become sensitive to the same issue, the long term aim of the program is for all willing parties to join forces and create a non-profitable, transparent and educational organization controlled by a board of green certified businesses which have achieved any formal recognition and or certification by a credited third party. The Co2 offsets and money collected through recycling by which each of the shareholders achieve will be donated into the communal program.

The program will use the offsets to neutralize these emissions by investing in Carbon Reducing Projects in Samui and/ or in other parts of Thailand, ex. improving energy efficiency, focus on renewable energy and planting of trees to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

The program will have its own standards and goals by which every party shall comply with. The program will also strive to achieve financial support and formal recognition and or certification by a third party (i.e. UN etc).

2. Community Projects:

  1. Planting trees to balance Co2 and GHG emissions and restore the ecosystem - Funded through the program and other environmental organizations.
  2. Funding the change of standard light bulbs in schools in Samui to low watt energy light bulbs.
  3. Support projects aiming at replacing fossil fuel energy for solar panels.
  4. Support local initiatives and businesses which will make products based on recycled materials.
  5. Support projects that focus on reducing fossil fuels (Co2) and GHG emissions.

3. Education projects/Campaigns: What- How- and Where:

Provide general information (via brochures and website) on issues such as:

  1. Recycling:
    • Encourage schools and Samui businesses to establish a recycling system.
    • Encourage participation and donations to Samui Eco Program's special recycling program which will support local businesses who wish to create products based on recycled materials
  2. Water Conservation: How to reduse and reuse water
  3. Use of Bio Diesel: Urge for Business cooperation on the use of Bio Diesel
  4. Low energy appliances: Information about possibilities and cost
  5. Co2 offset- The principle and the function of the Co2 offset program through Samui Eco Program