A Thai Culinary Experience

The Signature Collection Villas offer much more than comfort and tropical luxury. As a guest at one of our exclusive residences you will also be able to indulge in the fabulous flavours of Thailand.

Each Villa comes with its own full-time Thai Chef, who is skilled in the art of local cuisine and specially trained to prepare the absolute best in healthy, authentic Thai food.

The extensive menu is exclusive to the villas in the portfolio and was designed by our Executive Chef who has a background in one of Thailand's most internationally renowned luxurious healthy retreat.

Our own Thai Chefs make sure that every meal served in the Villa is low in fat, salt and sugar, but without compromising on taste. They combine local and imported ingredients to produce a variety of delicious home made dishes, highlighting the true depth and diversity of Thai cuisine.

Careful attention to detail, combined with sound planning means that some of the dishes served at The Signature Collection tables cannot be enjoyed anywhere else on the island. Every day of your stay, you can enjoy authentic, flavoursome Thai food in an ideal setting - a top class restaurant brought right to your home.

For those with their own culinary aspirations, our Chefs can also show you the secrets of their craft. After a few lessons, you will take home new skills that allow you to amaze your dinner guests with some delightful Thai creations - a lasting culinary experience.